Calling Doctor Jesus

Text: Luke 8:26-56
Introduction: Aren’t you glad that when you call Doctor JESUS, He doesn’t tell you to press #1 to talk to Michael… or #2 to talk to Mary… There are (3) reasons we ought to CALL DR. JESUS:
1. When you’ve got a SPIRITUAL problem, it’s not a HOPELESS condition with Dr. JESUS (v. 26-39)!
  • deadly demons destroy
  • divine Deliverer delivers
  • changes to “right mind”
2. When you’ve got an EMOTIONAL or PHYSICAL problem, it’s not a HELPLESS case with Dr. Jesus (v. 43-48)!
  • a weary woman who was worn down and worried
  • she reached out and touched Jesus and because of her “faith” she was “made whole”
3. When you’ve got an ETERNAL problem, it’s not beyond a HEALING cure for Dr. Jesus (v. 41-42, 49-56)
  • desperate daddy with a dying daughter
  • Dr. Jesus has a cure for sin’s sickness
Conclusion: With Dr. Jesus, you don’t have to make an appointment days or weeks in advance! He will not send you to a specialist; since He made us, He knows how to cure us!
Love y’all,
Dr. Randy Reese