A National Crisis in America and Israel

Introduction: Have you heard of the new – most conservative – right wing government in Israel’s history? The prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has put together a somewhat unified but opposed cabinet. A conservative Jewish man named Itamar Ben Gvir has already shaken the Islamic world by going up on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. His role as minister of police and security will be to restore the occupation settlement expansion in the West Bank, otherwise known as Judea and Samaria. However, the Biden administration is adamantly opposed to this move. Why? Because of the liberal agenda in favor of the Palestinians. But what is important to remember is that God gave Israel that land, and instructed them not to give it away!

Are there biblical principles laid out by the Lord for Israel’s preservation? Is there fierce opposition? Where is all this going in God’s scheme of events? Has there been a major shift in these biblical values both in Israel and in America?
Meanwhile in America, we are becoming more and more an anti CHRISTian nation; God have mercy!
1. Israel (Joshua – Judges) God instructed Joshua to DRIVE out the inhabitants of the land. Otherwise, they would adopt their heathen practices; i.e. worship of idols, intermarry and be influenced by their CULTURE. Sound familiar? Open your eyes. This is slowly eroding America’s Foundation. Is it irreversible? Where are we headed? What should we do? Truthfully, the Word of God has warned us about these days and what is to come. And at the same time, there is HOPE! Jesus Christ will return for His Church during days like this. Next, He will judge the world and usher in His kingdom! We are called to serve the Lord with His power in the midst of this perverse generation.
Did Israel follow the instructions of the Lord? No. What happened then? They were chastised by the Lord by taken into a foreign land for 70 long years. Yet according to the Word of the Lord they returned – rebuilt the temple and worshiped in Jerusalem again. This curse was repeated in 70 AD as the Romans burned the city. However, in the year 1948 Israel became a nation again; howbeit they are still waiting to build their temple. { Jesus Christ will rule and reign in the temple in the Jerusalem} The Bible has been fulfilled in the past, and is being fulfilled in the present and will be fulfilled in the future! Because our Lord kept His promises to Israel that gives us great confidence that He will fulfill His promises to His Church. He is FAITHFUL!
2. In America, 1/2 of colleges and universities are implementing CRT – Critical Race Theory into their curriculum and study. CRT is divisive, and seems to stir up more animosity rather than unity. Let’s face it. Racism should not be tolerated by any color! Instead, we are all created in the image of God; thus we are His creation. His plan is to redeem man because of his sinfulness. Many of the governmental leaders seem to be determined to take America down the path to more of God’s judgment. But there is HOPE in Jesus! He will give grace for the race no matter what we face!!
Conclusion: Time will tell how much change will take place in Israel. At least they seem to be on the right course for some needed changes unlike America who seems to be heading for more judgment and chastisement from the Lord. But having read the last page… Keep the Faith. Serve the Lord. Be faithful. Share the gospel. Fight the enemy. Prepare to meet Jesus.
Love y’all,
Dr. Randy Reese