Forever Friends

Mark 2:1-16

Introduction: Do you have a REAL FRIEND? Our life is filled with a lot of acquaintances. But when all is said and done…. very few – REAL FRIENDS! A newspaper decided to have a contest to decide the best definition of a FRIEND: ** The winner said, “A friend is someone who multiplies your joy and divides your grief.” ** The runner up said, “A friend is someone who comes in when the world goes out.”

Mark’s gospel records (3) ways to tell if you are a REAL FRIEND:

1. REAL FRIENDS bring their friends to Jesus! (Mark 2:1-4)
“And they come into him, bringing one sick of the palsy, which was born of four….and when they could not come night unto him….they uncovered the roof….they let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay.”

• REAL friends carry other friends (v 3)
• REAL friends will not be discouraged, they will get their friends to Jesus (v 4)

2. REAL FRIENDS bring their friends to Jesus to be forgiven, because they’ve been forgiven! (Mark 2:5-11)
“When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.”

• Jesus saw their faith (Faith moves the Master)
• Jesus forgave his sin

3. REAL FRIENDS bring their friends to Jesus, then they find FREEDOM! (Mark 2:1)
“And immediately he arose, took up the bed…they were all amazed, and glorified God, saying, We never saw it on this fashion.”

• Jesus heals spiritual sickness
• Jesus heals physical sickness

Conclusion: Do you know in order to have a FRIEND you must first show yourself to be friendly? (Prov 18:24) 

Why not purpose in your heart to get a FRIEND to Jesus?

Will you be a REAL FRIEND?
Love y’all,
Dr. Randy Reese