AXIS AXIS is our Sunday night youth ministry for 7th through 12th grade students. We meet every Sunday night at 6:30 pm. Each meeting consists of a time of worship, a time of teaching from the word of God, and a time of building relationships and accountability through small groups. MISSION: To reach young people and share the life-changing message of God’s love and plan of salvation. To encourage them into the local church and equip them with a biblical world view. To provide scripture-based teaching on issues relevant to young people today. To inspire the youth of this area to “Get Centered on God“.

A  ttitude toward God, each other, and all church members will be one of love and respect.
X  ercise our minds by prayer, scripture study, and learning to be leaders in God’s kingdom.
 I   nspire others through worship and the sharing of our faith.
S   ervice others by being doers of the Word, not hearers only.

Gospel Journey