April 2021

Teach Me Lord Jesus

Time Out Before Times Out

Swiftly Approaching That Day

The Power of the Resurrection

March 2021

Undeniable Evidences

Working Together

Keeping the Fires of Faith Burning


February 2021

Three Steps Back

Held Together or Falling Apart

October 2020

Why Are You Here?

November 2019

Grace Giving – Dr. Larry Cheek

October 2019

Friendships Are Essential – Rev. Josh Hubbard


September 2019

Pastor Appreciation Sunday – Rev. Burl Harkey

August 2019

You Shall Know the Lord – Jarrod Gunn

July 2019

What is Missing in Your Life? – Rev. Josh Hubbard

March 2019

Spring Forward Before Falling Back – Rev. Josh Hubbard